1How does it work?
Place your items in the locker and text us the locker number and service requested. We will collect the items and email you the invoice with payment options. Once paid, your ready items will be placed in the locker and you will be notified by email with the pin code.
2I am using it for the 1st time. Do I need to register online?
You can register online OR simply include your full name and email ID in your text to 647-862-8080 with the locker number. We will update our system with your information. The next time you use our service, just text us the locker number and service requested.
3Do I need to include the PIN code created to lock the door in the text while placing the order?
No, we use master keys to unlock the locker doors. Just text us at 647-862-8080, the locker number and service requested.
4How long does Dry Cleaning / Wash & Fold Take?
It usually takes 2 to 3 days for most of the items. Wedding gowns, leather items or other special items needs some more time.
5What if all my items don’t fit in the locker while placing the order?
Feel free to use more than one locker. Just text us both the locker numbers you have used.
6Are there any minimums?
Yes, the minimum order for dry cleaning / alterations is $10 before tax and for wash&fold service is 10lbs by weight.
7where can I find the complete price list?
On our website, ezeedrycleaners.com/pricing
8If I have any special instruction or special request, how do I reach you?
We have experience handling all items such as wedding dresses, silk dresses, Leather, Suede Jackets etc with stains. Simply text us your special request in your text message & we'll take care of it.
9Do you offer alteration services, how do I give instructions for alterations / repairs?
Yes, we offer minor alteration services, As our business is based on locker system, we cannot offer measurement services. So please be as descriptive as possible with your measurements / required alterations in your text message. For Hemming, we usually recommend to add in a sample pant/ skirt which fits you well along with the item which needs alterations. We can then copy the length / pattern as requested. We generally call you once we have collected your items if your message / instructions are not clear.
10By when do I need to pick up my clothes.
Within 5 days after you are notified with the pin code. If you are on holidays, please let us know in your sms or if you want late delivery, as it is not fair to other users to have one locker blocked for longer time.
11When will I receive the invoice email?
We will email you the invoice within 2 days. Please make sure your email address is correct. If you have not received the email, please text us at 647-862-8080
12For how many days will my clothes be in the locker?
For 5 days after you receive the pin code. After that your clothes will taken back to our factory If the clothes are not requested for a pick up within 1 month, we are not liable for any damages or losses from unforeseen reasons.
13 What if I forget to SMS you after I drop the clothes?
We won’t know these are your clothes, unless you call/SMS us at 647-862-8080. We will keep your clothes ready until further instructions.
14What if I am going on vacation after I drop off the clothes?
We suggest you drop the clothes after you are back from vacation, but if incase you do drop it off before travelling, we will leave your clothes in the locker for 3 days.After that you will have to call us and let us know, you are back.
15 How safe are the lockers
Lockers are made of .7mm steel. That's extremely strong and durable. Plus the premise itself is monitored.
16How safe is online payment options
As safe as your bank account. Your credit card information is not stored with us. Your payment is handled by intuit (they are also the creators of turbotax, their security encryption is one of the best in the market)
17What makes your service better that my regular dry cleaners?
Our objective is make your life easy, just as our business name. Our Service is not only available 24/7 right within your building, But also our prices are extremely competitive. No more parking hassle, No more walking outside in the cold. No more waiting for the store to open to pick up and drop off your items.
18How do we avail of your Monthly offers?
You will automatically be subscribed to our mailing list. You can always choose to opt out of our mailing list.
19Do you dry clean and polish boots & shoes?
Currently we only provide Laundry Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning Service.
20Do you collect clothes on Weekends?
Yes we do.
21Are there additional charges for 24 hour express cleaning services?
Yes, It will cost more than the regular price of each item. Plus the minimum bill has to over $50.